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Cruise Ship With 1000 Passengers almost Down by the Storm (VIDEO)

Miami, Florida – Only 150miles away in the ocean was a real nightmire for all 1000 passengers. Bradly White said: “And it almost seems like the ship is missing some of its countermeasures that help it stabilize during such a storm. I know they have some form of outrigger system that is supposed to act like an underwater set of wings that helps stabilize the bigger cruise ships. Maybe the waters were just too strong for that option here, but i would hope there weren’t passengers on board at this time otherwise they would be getting tossed around pretty badly. I wonder what the safety protocols are for the passengers and crew in situations like that…do they want you to go to your rooms and brace in the closet or bathroom or other small room that you can hold the walls to keep from falling over?” CHECK THE VIDEO

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