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Crash After Girl Pulls The Hand Brake A Boyfriend’s Car While Racing

My dear male readers, so, here is the one reason why you should never argue while driving. And especially not when your girlfriend is sitting in the passenger seat next to you.

Car crashes after the woman pulls the emergency brake on her boyfriend’s vehicle while racing down the Mexican highway in this highly dramatic and adrenaline-full video.

Apparently the accident filmed on this video took place on a highway in Mexico where the guy and his darling were driving down the road. And at one point they came across some bike riders who were racing and the driver of the vehicle thought in his genius head that it would be the good idea to show off a bit and follow those biker dudes.

However, what he didn’t think of was the minor, and very unpleasant surprise that his lady would NOT be impressed by his idea. The otherwise calm woman became infuriated by his action and decided that it would be the good idea to pull the emergency handbrake and teach her show-off boyfriend the lesson.

The old emergency brake is here for you to pull it, it’s supposed to help you turn and do the wild drift. Well, in the video below is captured the more realistic result of it, where the girlfriend in the vehicle pulled the emergency brake right in the middle of the street race, causing her boyfriend to lose control and flip the vehicle onto its roof! CLICK THE LINK FOR THE VIDEO!


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