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NCL Cruise Ship Hits a Royal Carribean Cruise Ship (VIDEO)

The Norwegian Star breaks free of it’s mooring in Bermuda and crashes out of control into the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. You can see and hear lines breaking. At the last minute the Norwegian Star drops its anchor and luckily avoids a major incident which could have easily ...

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EXTREME FOOTAGE: Cruise Ship Crashing Into Shore (VIDEO)

“Keep going…yup…looking good…you alright on the left side…you alright on the other side…a little more….okay, put the brakes on….I said put the brakes on….you a little close over there….whattaya mean you got no brakes? Oh, heck!” Check THE VIDEO OF THE CRASH HERE

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SHOCKING: 10 Things Cruise Lines Never Tell You!

Cruising is a 100 billion dollar industry, and the fastest growing sector in travel. While the majority of passengers will be pleased with their experience, others won’t. Why? Here are 10 things cruise lines never tell you that you’d best watch out for. 1. Shipboard Casinos Don’t Play by the ...

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Lecoman said about this video: “I can’t imagine willingly being herded onto one of those things. Disease infestations, power outages, and chockablock with boring suburbanites and their dim, medicated children looking for “adventure”. Wew! I can’t imagine a way to blow $5K on something worse… …And yes, defensive internet commenters/cruise ...

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WARNING GRAPHIC: Tug Boat Pushed Under Water by CRUISE SHIP

Tug boat pushed under water by cruise ship Norwegian Escape during her conveyance from the shipyard to the North Sea. Notice how it’s dragging bottom here too like usual for these absurdly large ships. They really like to push the controlling depth envelope pretty far with some of the places they ...

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